You’ve heard of LINE-X sprays, and now is the perfect time to outfit your truck with a lifetime of premium protection. LINE-X of Boise specializes in protective coatings for a variety of surfaces, delivering industry-leading benefits that are worth every penny! Catch up on our blogs here to learn about the value of our LINE-X services, as well as exciting news, frequently asked questions, and more. Ready to take on the trail with confidence? Visit our protective coating specialists in Boise today for fast, professional results!

  1. New LINE-X Bed Liner? Follow Our Tips For the Best Results!

    LINE-X sprays have become a top choice for drivers of all backgrounds across the country, delivering rigid protection in a durable, rugged fashion. Many people enjoy the protection and affordability offered by this spray-on bed liner, and assume that the superiority of this finish means they will no…Read More

  2. How Strong Is LINE-X? Our Boise Truck Shop Explains

    LINE-X sprays have become a top choice for consumers across the globe, delivering superior protection and performance where other spray-on liners cannot. This spray-on coating delivers a precise fit that bonds to surfaces at the chemical level, delivering watertight results that are durable and flex…Read More