As a truck owner, you are likely on the lookout for the most beneficial and cost-effective products to keep the beauty and integrity of your ride intact. The nature of trucks can make it all-too-easy to scuff up and damage your vehicle, which is why investing in products such as a bedliner can help to deliver quality protection and peace of mind. Drivers looking for the best protection can benefit from working with our LINE-X shop in Boise for the best truck accessories and car protection available.

One commonly deployed truck accessory is the liner used to protect your bed from the damages of daily use. Today, we’ll compare the benefits of our LINE-X sprays against the protection provided by modern drop-in bedliners. Regardless of your vehicle or plans, it pays to protect your ride with expert services.

Today, we’ll briefly discuss a few selling points of bedliners, as well as the comparison between standard drop-in options and LINE-X services. When you’re ready, be sure to stop by our shop for complete service!

Up-Front Affordability

To start, drop-in bedliners do have the advantage over LINE-X sprays in terms of price. These premade products are designed to be used across many makes and models, sacrificing quality in order to achieve the right result for a vast audience at a low cost. Those in need of a short-term solution for their truck’s bed will find that our drop-in liners are cheaper, and our team will be happy to install this purchase at our store.

Before you decide that the cost is the only selling point (budget matters, we know!), be sure to keep reading to see how cost-effective drop-ins are against our LINE-X bedliners. Skimping on materials now may leave leave your vehicle open to a host of dangers. Drivers hoping to protect their rides may find themselves investing a lot more money just to restore the original quality of their truck bed. It pays to do your research before making a decision, which is where our team can help!

Conforming Fits

Down to the microscopic level, a quality bond matters. Drop-in liners are tailored to work with your truck’s bed, but don’t expect any miracles in terms of precision. These premade products will fit well enough to remain in place, but often do not provide a sure fit. In some cases, high winds and continual vibrations can cause the bed liner to come loose, erasing any protective benefits and creating a major hazard for other motorists. Additionally, water can become trapped underneath your drop-in, oftentimes concealing corrosion until the damage is already done.

LINE-X sprays are tailored to provide a customized fit for every vehicle. Regardless of the contours of your truck bed, our team will be able to provide a uniform fit that bonds precisely at the chemical level. Drivers are always amazed by the clean, sharp presentation achieved by our local powder coating specialists.

Damage Resistance

Ideally, both truck upgrades can provide the protection needed to preserve your bed’s beauty for years to come. Rigid plastics and modern poly blends have helped to make drop-in bedliners more resistant to damages and scuffs, withstanding impacts for long-term use. LINE-X sprays are also tailored to provide excellent tensile and tear strength, utilized in a variety of demanding situations worldwide to prevent any damage to the vehicle. Versatility and strength are intertwined thanks to this pure polyurea mixture.

One concern about drop-in styles is their inability to keep finer materials out. Sand, gravel, and other abrasive elements can begin to pile up beneath your liner, creating direct contact with the metal surface you were hoping to protect. Placing heavy items on top can easily wear out the finish beneath, paving the way for more damage and the risk of rust. As we will keep mentioning throughout this post, LINE-X works to provide complete protection from the bottom up, preventing abrasives, chemicals, and other dangerous elements from impacting the finish.

Aesthetic Concerns

It can prove challenging to find a drop-in bedliner that looks great in the back of your truck. Some high-end makers deliver pleasing designs, but for the most part, drivers invest in the plastic option because they are looking for protection, not style. LINE-X can enhance the look of your truck as a smooth, seamless finish that looks like it was custom-made for you. Our team can work with you to find the right design options to best suit your needs. Stop by our shop to learn more about the aesthetic advantages of our LINE-X sprays!

Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

Ultimately, the initial cost of LINE-X bedliners will be vastly offset by the beauty, longevity, and performance it provides over traditional bedliners. This spray-on product requires very minimal maintenance — regular dusting and washing will provide a lasting shine. Plastic liners do not deliver a precise fit, and will need to be removed every so often to allow you to sweep out the sand and other fine debris that made it in between the protective layer and the truck bed. Over time, the influx of these friction-causing materials can combine with trapped moisture to actually worsen the condition of your vehicle!

When it comes to repairs, you can breathe easy knowing that our repairs are fast, easy, and effective. Drop-in liners, on the other hand, offer no repair solutions and must be replaced entirely. As a spray, LINE-X can be changed to fit every project size, and minor chips or flakes can be fixed in no time at all. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to provide a lifetime warranty for all of our LINE-X services in Boise, and will be happy to assist you with any deficiencies in your vehicle’s coating.

If you’re convinced that a LINE-X truck bed coating is the way to go, be sure to stop by our shop on West 37th Street today! EPSCO is proud to be your source for truck and car protection, including powder coating, spray-in bedliners, and a variety of truck accessories. Contact us today to learn more!