These days, drivers expect the best when it comes to aftermarket vehicle protection. There are dozens of spray-on coatings available, making it essential for consumers to understand which materials are worth the price and which should be avoided at all costs. Idaho drivers have come to rely on the superior protection and service provided by LINE-X of Boise. Our truck bed coating pros can apply LINE-X sprays to nearly any surface, delivering unsurpassed protection in a durable, affordable manner.

Today, we’ll look at a few of the technical reasons why LINE-X is superior to other products. Everyone knows that these protective coatings provide ideal results, but the making of the material is truly what counts.

Application Advantages

The installation process plays a large role in determining how effective your spray-on liner will be. Many truck coatings are applied through a low-heat/high-pressure process, which relies on covering the surface with cooler temperatures.

LINE-X sprays are installed using only high-heat processes (nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit), which lowers the viscosity of the material and allows for better bonding with the prepared substrate. The high pressure we rely on (roughly 2,500 psi) ensures that the surface of your vehicle is completely covered and expertly finished. Low-pressure systems are available at a lower price, which should always be a red flag. Slower applications can also result in lower-quality finishes, including surfaces that are goopy or chunky. Higher pressures can create a finer finish, resulting in a perfect outcome that looks like it was made to fit your truck. Our technicians have worked to perfect our LINE-X process, and we’re confident that our proven system can meet all of your driving needs!

LINE-X sprays benefit from high-pressure/high-heat installations, providing ideal results for the life of your vehicle.

Quality Base Components

LINE-X sprays are comprised of the best chemicals in the business, ensuring quality performance in nearly every application worldwide. Some spray-on coatings offer affordable prices, yet rely on inferior products that may not mesh well through the installation process. What you’re left with is a finish that can warp, bubble, chip, and otherwise fail to protect your vehicle.

Spray-in bedliners today tend to rely on one of two base components:

  • Polyurethane, which is known to be highly resistant to abrasions.
  • Polyurea, which provides higher temperature tolerances and improved tear strengths.

Our LINE-X sprays rely on an ideal blend of these two components to craft the highest strength, best scratch resistance, and ideal tear strength for any vehicle application. Customers can also rely on LINE-X Pro and Platinum, which rely on modern polyureas to create a finish that is ultra-strong and flexible. You can invest in the best form of protection for your vehicle, and LINE-X is here to help make our polyurea blends the future of protective coatings.

Quality matters when it comes to protective coatings, and the materials used in LINE-X ensure your surface will be optimally protected.

Complete Peace of Mind

While not inherently involved in the application of the product, the customer support and warranty provided by dealers such as LINE-X of Boise ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. Our spray-on coatings are made to perform exceptionally, but in rare cases, faults or recent damages can compromise the beauty and integrity of your surface. If you notice any issues in the quality of your LINE-X spray, then be sure to take it into any one of hundreds of authorized dealers across the country. Our local truck shop will be happy to provide fast, effective, and complimentary repairs if a deficiency is present.

Ready to see the LINE-X difference for yourself? Visit LINE-X of Boise on West 37th Street or contact us online to get started!