These days, everyone knows about the superior protection and long-lasting value of LINE-X sprays. Unless you’ve been dwelling under a rock, you’ll know that LINE-X delivers precise results at an affordable price. This polyurea coating has evolved to take on a wide range of projects, many of which can be professionally completed by our local shop.

LINE-X of Boise is here to provide ideal protection for your vehicle, in addition to a variety of other surfaces. In partnership with EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings, our shop strives to provide the best results to drivers of all types across Idaho. We understand the dangers of the road, and work with you to personalize your vehicle for the challenges ahead.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of our most commonly serviced products at LINE-X of Boise. If you’re ready to get started, or are not sure if our services apply to your project, be sure to contact us today! You can also check out our gallery to see our quality in action.

Truck Bed Toppers

The topper, truck cap, or camping shell upon the bed of your truck is an investment you’d likely prefer to keep safe. Our LINE-X team can remove the glass and seals from your truck topper and apply our protective coating, creating a rugged result that will last beautifully for years to come.

If you’re worried about the condition of your topper, you can bring it into our shop for complete service. Our partner business offers services such as media blasting to fully restore your surfaces before coatings are applied.

Fender Flares

One component we consistently coat at our truck shop is the fender flare, which graces trucks around the outside of the wheel well for added protection. The extended surface facing your tires helps to prevent dirt and rocks from coming loose during travel and damaging your vehicle. Many vehicles rely on street flares for a slim, low-profile result, while trucks often feature aggressive lines to increase aesthetics.

We are experienced in applying LINE-X to fender flares, and can create an ideal result for your vehicle in little time. Our LINE-X sprays will look clean and rugged, keeping your vehicle safe for miles to come.

Trailer Components

Most commercial trailers in use undergo serious wear and tear throughout the workday. If you continually load your trailer with concrete or rely on it for long-distance transportation, it pays to invest in a LINE-X coating. This polyurea spray will bond to your trailer at the chemical level, delivering ideal protection from rust. Over time, this protection can do much to preserve the integrity of your trailer’s frame and corrosion-heavy components.

Storage Tanks

LINE-X sprays have been touted as being safe in potable water storage. This polyurea coating can also be applied to storage tanks, fuel tanks, and other components frequently found in the bed of a truck or trailer. Idaho drivers often visit us to outfit their rides for off-roading, hunting, and other activities along our miles of natural space. LINE-X is durable, watertight, and best of all, safe for users and the environment.

Bumpers and Rocker Panels

One smart way to protect the surfaces on your truck that take the most abuse is to invest in the sure protection of LINE-X. Our team has the experience to comprehensively coat every inch of your new or existing bumper. We can cover the off-road lights and other accessories attached, or start with the base platform.

Your rocker panels do much to protect your ride, so why not take the extra step to keep them protected for years of quality use in the worst conditions? LINE-X of Boise specializes in protective coatings for trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, and more.

Boat Hulls

The hull of any boat needs to be watertight. Regardless of the shape or size of the hull in question, the pros at LINE-X of Boise have the experience and equipment needed to create a precise result that improves protection and performance while increasing peace of mind.

Are you ready to see the beauty and protection offered by LINE-X coatings? Contact us online today to learn more about our services and to receive your free quote. LINE-X of Boise can coat nearly every surface, so be sure to stop by our shop to see how we can create an ideal outcome for your truck. We look forward to helping you!