Residents across Idaho like to take advantage of the state’s amazing bounty of outdoor activities and work opportunities. While the Gem State provides plenty of opportunities to make the most out of life, many residents worry about doing so because of the wear and tear placed on their vehicles in the process. From rafting the Boise River to travelling across the country, people rely on high-value investments to get the job done. In order to protect your vehicle for the long haul, it’s important to find the right product to meet your specific needs. Boat owners will likely demand much different results from a spray-on liner compared to a farmer. However, in almost every situation, Idahoans have been able to benefit from the expert installation of our LINE-X sprays.

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to serve as Boise’s source for LINE-X services, relying on our media-blasting and powder-coating experience to deliver a precise fit for every need. Our team specializes in providing high-performance outcomes that exceed all expectations. Today, we’ll highlight a few different applications that focus on differing demands, all of which can be covered by LINE-X. Read more here, then be sure to contact us to schedule your appointment!

Boats and Watercraft

Top Concerns: Waterproofing and impact resistance

Taking your boat on Lake Lowell or making the the trip down to the C J Strike Reservoir can provide a memorable experience for the whole family, so be sure to take the proper steps to ensure that your watercraft is ready for the challenges. These vehicles rely on watertight surfaces to ensure optimal performances on the water, and any minor leaks can cause major headaches. LINE-X can provide lasting protection that helps to coat and seal your hull for complete peace of mind.

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings has the experience to deliver a precise fit for nearly every application imaginable, and the advantages of our LINE-X sprays can be applied to protect all of your favorite toys. This spray-on liner can be applied to watercraft for incredible impact and scratch resistance, preventing the medley of damages possible when loading and unloading your boat. Best of all, LINE-X cures to deliver an amazing look that is sure to enhance the rugged visuals of your vessel.

RVs and Motorhomes

Top Concerns: Sun damage, leaks, rust, and corrosion

Before you take your recreational vehicle on the road this spring, it is essential to inspect your ride to ensure there are no areas in need of serious attention. Long hours spent in the sunshine can begin to discolor and warp the finish of many surfaces, including the roof of your RV. Additionally, inclement weather can leave standing water along the edges of the roof system, leading to concerns of rust and leaking. Water infiltration can ruin any road trip, so be sure your vehicle is protected for the road ahead with LINE-X!

This incredible spray-on liner can deliver rugged peace of mind for travelers across the country. RVs and mobile homes alike can benefit from complete protection against the harsh damages of the sun, heavy rains, and pooling water, and deliver a complete shield against corrosion. LINE-X sprays are perfect for delivering lasting results, allowing you to plan your trip and make the most of it instead of worrying over continual maintenance. Contact our team today to learn more!

Work Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Top Concerns: Impact and chemical resistance

From painters to plumbers, a variety of professionals rely on their work truck to get to the job and get it done with pride. Throughout the course of a standard work week, your truck likely deals with a variety of impacts that can leave unsightly scuffs, dings, dents, and more. Continual use can severely hamper the integrity of your truck’s bed, creating an ideal situation for moisture and chemical infiltration to occur. In order to prevent both problems, many drivers across Boise rely on LINE-X bedliners for complete protection. Heavy abuse from recycled concrete, drums of fuel, and other heavy items can be prevented with this spray-on liner for complete protection that denies any dents from forming.

As a working professional, you likely rely on a range of specialty chemicals and cleaners to get the job done. While these elements are ideal for specialized applications, they will likely only cause havoc if introduced to the exposed metal of your truck. These liquids can stain and corrode the beauty of your truck, impacting its ability to perform for future jobs. Instead of risking the bed of your truck, turn to LINE-X sprays instead!

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EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to serve as your premier LINE-X provider in Boise. Our powder-coating shop on West 37th Street is here to deliver complete results for every application, and we are proud to be a LINE-X authorized dealer. If you’re looking for the best spray-on solutions for your truck, boat, snowmobile, or any surface that can hold an electromagnetic charge, LINE-X is here to serve as a strong, durable, and OSHA-approved solution! The EPSCO team takes pride in creating the best fit and most precise installation to ensure the highest level of quality for your project.

Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting a few more applications that this spray-on product has proven ideal for. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to schedule your consultation to learn how affordable our LINE-X services can be!