These days, LINE-X sprays have evolved to deliver comprehensive support and protection across a wide range of applications. Originally created as an unbeatable truck bed coating, LINE-X spray-on liners are now available for a variety of personal and commercial applications. Idaho drivers have relied on EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings for years to deliver the best media-blasting and powder-coating services, and our team is proud to be your go-to LINE-X dealer in Boise.

Today, we’ll continue to highlight the versatility of LINE-X by discussing additional applications that may not sound routine. Regardless of your needs, our spray-on professionals are here and ready to provide a beautifully long-lasting result. Learn more about the value of our LINE-X sprays for varying uses here, then be sure to reach out to our team at (208) 254-2250 for assistance!

Water Storage Tanks

Top Concerns: Contamination and longevity

Water tanks are commonly deployed across the globe as a sustainable method of collecting water from both natural and manmade sources. In most applications, concrete and metal tanks are used to provide an inert, affordable solution. While both materials can work, long-term use can lead to issues with waterproofing. LINE-X sprays have been deployed for use in water and storage tanks of other types, delivering long-lasting protection that ensures your investment is safe for the long haul.

Tank failures can lead to serious concerns for private residences and the community at large. LINE-X sprays help to prevent corrosion, temperature changes, and more to deliver lasting protection that nearly eliminates the possibility of failure.

Playground Equipment

Top Concerns: User safety

LINE-X sprays are versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications, and for those looking for a rugged solution for their playground gear, this spray-on liner can provide considerable protection. Seasonal use can leave the bars and connections prone to rust and corrosion, especially if damage is present. These sharp, rusty surfaces can create a hazard for children. Coating your swing set in LINE-X delivers complete coverage that helps to keep surfaces uniform and safe. Plus, this product helps to prevent the heavy wear and tear commonly associated with regular child use!

Personal Tools

Top Concerns: Equipment longevity

From jack stands to handheld tools, many Idaho drivers rely on a panoply of equipment to keep their fleets in prime condition. Lifts, chains, and stands all suffer through considerable wear and tear over the years. Daily use can quickly burn out your needed equipment, making LINE-X a beneficial option. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings specializes in complete protective coatings, and our team can deliver personalized results to keep your gear protected. Applied at high pressure and heated to high temperatures, LINE-X sprays can coat a variety of devices with a precision fit, keeping your equipment protected for additional long-term advantages. Contact us today to see if we can cover your project!

Company Flooring

Top Concerns: Aesthetics, safety, and durability

Manufacturing plants, breweries, mechanic shops may all be well aware of the advantages of LINE-X sprays, but few know that this protective coating can be applied for flooring applications. Commercial facilities rely on high volumes of water, cleaning agents, and other chemicals that can combine and create a serious problem for unprotected floors. When properly installed, LINE-X has been known to deliver a complete shield against these caustic liquids, delivering an exceptional floor system that looks rugged and performs exceptionally well.

LINE-X can also be useful for floor safety, as this spray provides a rugged texture to ensure workers have sure footing throughout your facility. This industrial coating can deliver a beautiful outcome that resists damages and discoloring, keeping your surfaces beautiful after years of heavy use.

Roof Racks and Tool Boxes

Top concerns: Scratch and impact resistance

While LINE-X is famous as a spray-in bedliner, it can be used to enhance other elements of your ride for complete protection. Skiers, hunters, and a variety of other outdoor enthusiasts rely on roof racks and storage boxes to provide convenient storage for larger possessions. Unfortunately, regular use can result in a plethora of surface damages from scuffs, scratches, and impacts. It pays to cover your roof rack in a LINE-X spray to ensure that your system is protected from everything, including the weather, rust concerns, and scratches thanks to the weekend kayak trip.

Tool boxes are also ideal candidates for LINE-X sprays and can easily be coated to match the durability and beauty of the truck’s bed. Aluminum boxes can be costly, and while convenient, may be prone to a variety of problems, including high heats, impacts from loose equipment, and more. A simple LINE-X application can provide complete support for tool boxes, benefitting professionals of all types in the process. Every inch of your box will be covered perfectly to deliver a precise fit that lasts for decades. Many customers boast that installing LINE-X on their toolboxes has helped to create a lifelong solution.

We Specialize in LINE-X Services!

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is proud to be Boise’s authorized LINE-X retailer, delivering amazing results in addition to our media-blasting and powder-coating services. Our team has the expertise to coat nearly every surface with complete protection, from boats and RVs to tools and playground equipment. We’re confident that we’ll be able to deliver an ideal result for your project. Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our experts, and be sure to ask for your free estimate!