LINE-X sprays have become a top choice for consumers across the globe, delivering superior protection and performance where other spray-on liners cannot. This spray-on coating delivers a precise fit that bonds to surfaces at the chemical level, delivering watertight results that are durable and flexible. The preciseness of this atomic bonding delivers the best results in the industry.

LINE-X of Boise is here to deliver the best spray-in bed liners for trucks in addition to a variety of other applications. Customers have tested the strength of this material on a variety of materials, with some dropping a LINE-X’d watermelon off of a 150-foot tower. We know our product is strong, and we’re excited to show you just how advantageous LINE-X can be.

Today, we’ll highlight what the actual strength is of LINE-X products. If you’re ready to see how our spray-in bed liner can deliver ideal results for your vehicle, then be sure to stop by our truck shop for expert assistance.

Incredible Strength

Lab tests have proven that LINE-X coatings are among the best in the industry. This product was marketed as indestructible, and user-submitted results have provided plenty of proof. While designed to be useful for applications such as tank linings, LINE-X has also been applied to cardboard boxes to prove how waterproof the finish is.

  • Tensile strength — A basic calculation of material strength, this test measures how much force a material can withstand before failure. LINE-X’s spray-in bed liner has been touted to be strong enough to resist breaking up until 6,600 pounds per square inch!
  • Tear strength — This test measures how much force is needed to pull the material in two different directions before failing. LINE-X has been rated to nearly 800 pounds per square inch.
  • Elongation — Materials can stretch a certain amount before they fracture. LINE-X sprays were measured to elongate between 90 and 200 percent in length, providing superior elongation.
  • Hardness — A material’s ability to resist distortion is measured and assigned a rating from A to D. LINE-X has met the hardest level, coming in at a Shore D rating.
  • UV stability — While most protective coatings do offer some level of tensile and tear strength, few can match the UV resistance offered by LINE-X.

Designed for Truck Beds

Originally designed as a rugged spray-in bed liner, LINE-X has been tailored over the years to adapt to a variety of surfaces. Truck owners were the first to benefit from the complete protection of this spray, including unsurpassed moisture control, stain resistance, aesthetic upgrades, and more. As a bed liner, LINE-X also dampens vibrations and blocks sound, creating a quieter ride that is protected for the vehicle’s lifetime.

Modern advances have enabled LINE-X to be applied to metal, plastic, fiberglass, concrete, wood, and more. The same level of superior protection provided by our spray-in bed liners can be utilized to strengthen products in your home, at work, and beyond. It helps to consider how much wear and tear is placed on your truck bed on a weekly basis. Over the years, the bed’s surface will begin to scratch and corrode. LINE-X can provide protection that normally outlives the life of the vehicle itself. Call us today to learn more!

Complete Fits

As a spray, LINE-X can perfectly conform to nearly any surface. When it comes to full vehicle protection, drivers have the option of investing in LINE-X’s complete lineup of protection. You can elect to invest in a full vehicle spray, which resists fading, protects from a variety of dings, and comes in a wide range of color options. Our professional installation results in a precise finish that looks as if it came right off of the factory floor. LINE-X sprays also come in a variety of colors to perfectly accessorize every ride.

LINE-X of Boise is here to equip your ride for the rigors of the road. From tonneau covers and floor liners to step bars and more, our experts will be able to provide the right fit for your style. Be sure to check out our shop if you are looking for industry-leading truck accessories!

The Value of Professional LINE-X Services

From the consultation and prep stages to the final finish, all of the advantages of this spray-on liner are null if not installed by a professional. LINE-X of Boise is proud to be your trusted resource for the best LINE-X services across Idaho. Not only is this coating among the strongest in the industry, it also holds the best warranties as well. Your LINE-X spray comes with a lifetime warranty. If something breaks, take it into any LINE-X dealer across the continent, and you’ll receive fast and free support services. We are one of nearly 600 locations and will be happy to help.

Our shop provides a wide range of truck accessories and spray-on services. Be sure to contact us today to learn about our LINE-X sprays, and schedule your appointment!