In the automotive industry, few materials can stand up to the daily wear and tear placed on vehicles throughout Idaho. From high-speed impacts going down the interstate to the dents and dings suffered by the bed of your truck, damages can come from anywhere. Instead of leaving your machine to the mercy of Mother Nature, protect it completely with LINE-X!

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is proud to be the trusted vendor of LINE-X for Boise drivers. Our team specializes in powder coating, media blasting, and other car protection services to keep your ride in its prime for the long haul!

Extensive Moisture Control

When installed by professionals, your LINE-X bedliner will cover the entire surface in comprehensive quality, bonding completely to ensure watertight protection. This modern spray connects to your truck’s surfaces at the chemical level, delivering a comprehensive outcome that looks like it was factory-made for your ride!

LINE-X is created by utilizing a vast portfolio of advantageous materials, including polyurethanes, polyureas, and more. Each coat connects at a molecular level to minimize moisture infiltration, providing superior protection from rust and the elements at large.

Reliable Resistance to Damages

The bed of your truck is likely home to a lot of wear and tear, from nicks and gouges to major dents and abrasions. Many drivers seek out our LINE-X services with the primary goal of protecting their ride, and our industrial coating team is here to deliver!

LINE-X is rated with a tear strength past 780 pounds per inch, providing excellent resistance to a range of damages. This spray also has a rated tensile strength up to 6,600 pounds per square inch, ensuring unbeatable protection from impacts, scratches, and more. Despite the most severe conditions, LINE-X sprays are here to perform, so be sure to contact our car protection pros today for assistance!

Protection from Caustic Chemicals

As the storage spot for most harmful chemicals and agents, the bed of your truck is the most at-risk for a wide range of corrosive problems. Cleaners, harsh liquids, oils, paints, stains, and more can all leak in the back of your truck, eating at the metals and creating unsightly stains. Even more potent elements (such as gasoline or bleach) are resisted by the strength and consistency of LINE-X bedliners.

Mother Nature can also place a heavy burden on the surfaces of your vehicle. Rapid temperature changes, exposure to salt from plows, and high humidity levels can all combine to wreak havoc on the quality of your truck’s finish.

Beautiful Finishes

One of the most noticeable benefits of LINE-X spray applications is the beautiful outcome that covers your truck bed in a smooth, rigid layer of protection. Many drivers seek out the rugged and clean looks of this spray-in bedliner, as composite coatings help to cover any existing damages. Ultimately, our car protection services can help to increase the value of your vehicle, regardless of its age or condition; LINE-X really is that valuable!

Color Consistency

One problem inherent with many spray-on bedliners is that their beauty can be affected by a range of environmental factors. UV damages, for example, are nearly unavoidable and can dry out and crack your vehicle’s surfaces. Polyurea coatings are designed to resist temperature changes and chemical stains, but may not hold fast against discoloration from the sun. The result is a major impact on your truck’s aesthetics, as warping colors and patterns can do much hide the quality of your finish.

Eco-Friendly Results

While many truck bed coatings rely on noxious elements to provide long-lasting results, LINE-X is made to be environmentally friendly. This spray is free of solvents and does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), leaving you with a clean, healthy finish that protects your vehicle, its riders, and the environment.

Modern engineering and innovative designs have helped to make LINE-X sprays a top choice for drivers across the nation. Whether you’re looking for a truck bed coating to resist the daily wear and tear of your job, or you are looking for a long-lasting method of improving your truck’s appeal, our LINE-X services in Boise are here to help. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to provide unparalleled results for your vehicle, including our LINE-X sprays. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your car protection services!