You take pride in the beauty and quality of your ride. From weekend washdowns to high-octane fuels at the pump, most drivers across Idaho seek to make the most of their vehicles, increasing their beauty while also protecting them from a range of daily dangers. There are many ways to protect the integrity of your truck’s finish, as car protection services can be beneficial for all types of drivers. If you are on this post because you are looking for quality products such as LINE-X in Boise to equip your ride for success, you’re in luck! EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to be your source for protective coatings and truck accessories across Idaho.

Today, we’ll continue to discuss the value of LINE-X and how our team can ensure long-lasting results for your vehicle. Be sure to call us today to schedule your appointment!

Consistently Powerful Performances

The versatility of LINE-X sprays help to provide amazingly durable results across a wide range of platforms. This protective coating has been honed through extensive research and development to create a resilient, dynamic product that is meant to be used for nearly any application, from fire mitigation to drinkable water sources and more.

Regardless of your plans, LINE-X is able to adhere with perfection, bonding perfectly to surfaces such as:

  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Drywall
  • Fiberglass
  • Much more

Ultimately, this spray-on liner provides the perfect blend of strength and flexibility to adapt to a range of environments.

Expedient Outcomes

You can expect the long-term benefits of your LINE-X bedliner to kick in almost immediately. In less than two hours, our spraycoat team will deliver an outstanding result that is beautiful and rugged. After another 24 hours, your spray-in bedliner will be set and ready to work. Regardless of your demands — commercial, agricultural, or recreational — this liner will be ready to provide all of the advantages listed above. Ready to schedule your truck bed coating services? Contact our team in Boise now!

Acoustic Benefits

While you may have never noticed the sounds of your truck bed while driving, a LINE-X spray will help to dampen any sounds, creating quieter outcomes for your commute. Drivers that transport a lot of materials, including bolts, tools, and other hardware, have become used to rattles and shakes. However, this spray-in bedliner can help to muffle the sounds of movement.

Lifetime Warranties

While anyone can state that their product is the best, LINE-X follows it up with unbeatable warranties on the material itself. EPSCO is also able to warranty our labor, giving you unbeatable coverage for the life of your bedliner. This coating is guaranteed not to bubble, crack, or flake after years of heavy use. Contact us today to learn more about the peace of mind you can find with our warranty options, and be sure to ask for your free quote!

Other LINE-X Applications

Name a surface, and chances are that our powder coating company can cover it with a quality LINE-X spray. EPSCO can help you to find the best solutions for nearly any application, including:

  • Automotive – Originally intended for use on trucks and equipment, LINE-X can prove ideal for a range of vehicles. If you can bring it in, chances are that our powder coating experts can cover it with quality, so be sure to stop by our shop in Boise!
  • Agricultural – Farmers rely on heavy machinery to complete their daily tasks, making LINE-X coatings ideal for a wide range of machinery. You can protect your equipment for long-term results that are both efficient and affordable.
  • Commercial – The versatility of our LINE-X services can prove beneficial in commercial settings, where a wide range of customers rely on us to deliver the best results. This spray-on liner can be used to protect a variety of industries.
  • Recreational – From ATVs to boats, every vehicle can benefit from LINE-X sprays. Take on the outdoors with confidence knowing that your hull is covered in comprehensive quality!
  • Industrial – Heavy use is the name of the game for those in the industrial sector, making it beneficial to rely on a spray coating such as LINE-X. This spray can maximize efficiency while staying within industry-specific regulations.
  • Residential – LINE-X can also prove beneficial on the home front, protecting your place from damages in a beautiful and affordable manner. Reduce noise, minimize scratches, enhance the beauty of your home with this protective floor coating.

Regardless of your goals for your vehicle, LINE-X is proven to be among the top solutions in the industry. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is proud to be an authorized LINE-X bedliner retailer, coating all of our projects with unbeatable quality. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to stop by our powder coating shop on West 37th for the best service!