Drivers across Idaho can find a wide variety of car protection products and services to help retain the most beauty and value for their ride. However, many drivers are faced with a plethora of choices, with some delivering far better results than others. If you’re looking for a spray-in bedliner for your vehicle, or a protective surface for nearly any part of your vehicle, the experts at LINE-X of Boise and EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings are here and ready to help!

Our team specializes in LINE-X services for Boise drivers, delivering high-quality finishes that have to be seen to be believed. EPSCO specializes in powder coating, media blasting, and other quality finishes, enabling our team to provide a result with our partner company’s LINE-X sprays that is sure to exceed your expectations.

While this spray-on liner is designed to provide superior protection across many applications, it’s important to remember that not all products are created equal. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the most common problems associated with spray-on liners, as well as the value delivered by our LINE-X services. If you’re ready to see just how innovative and versatile this product is, be sure to contact our team now!

Surface Discoloration

One aspect of your vehicle that cannot be avoided is its direct exposure to sunlight. Over the years, sunshine can create major disruptions in the stability of your finish, as well as the appearance of your surface colors. Spray-in bedliners are known to be weak against UV damage, often varying in appearance after a year or two.

While UV damage is almost impossible to avoid, it’s important to remember that products such as LINE-X are designed specifically to prevent discoloration from the sun. Our polyurea coatings are created to maximize UV stability, minimizing the effects of heavy sunshine and keeping your vehicle looking great for the miles to come.

Uneven Spots

While the beauty of your spray-in bedliner aims to create a rugged look for any truck, spots that are thicker or thinner than the rest of the surfaces can easily ruin any visions of quality. Thin spots, especially, can prove problematic for drivers expecting a lifetime of protection with their spray-in bedliners. It’s important to find a spray-coating company in Boise with the experience and equipment required to deliver an even result. LINE-X of Boise excels in high-performance outcomes, and our specialists will work to provide an even application on a wide variety of surfaces.

Spalling, Peeling, and Flaking

Without a precision installation, your spray-in liner can easily become the source of major frustrations. Improper preparation efforts can quickly sabotage the bonding process of your bonding agent. Grease, dust, and other residuals will block the bonding between surface and spray, resulting in an incomplete finish that is open to both moisture and air infiltration. This can result in unsightly spalling, flaking, peeling, bubbling, and more. Drivers who make the invest in top-notch vehicle protection will be upset to see such unsightly outcomes for their investment. In some cases, the car coating company used won’t offer to replace the damages!

LINE-X of Boise takes great pride in our cleaning and preparation measures, relying on high standards to ensure that every vehicle is outfitted with quality. We make the quality of our work a top priority, and it shows with every vehicle we equip with LINE-X sprays. Check out our gallery to see the results for yourself before contacting our team!

Insufficient Coverage

One of the worst outcomes for drivers investing in a truck bed coating from an unqualified company is the peace of mind achieved once the job is done. LINE-X sprays are designed to come with a lifetime protection from spalling, flaking, and a variety of other issues associated with spray-in liner products. With complete warranty coverage, you’ll breathe easy knowing that your investment is protected for life. LINE-X applications often increase the resale value of vehicles due to their long-lasting protection and coverage benefits.

Incomplete Results

Putting your trust in a professional coating company can help to minimize the chances of an improper installation, so be sure to do your research before you schedule your car protection appointment. Poor prep work, untrained professionals, and other factors can all combine to deliver a result that is less-than-ideal. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings and LINE-X of Boise are here to help, delivering decades of experience to ensure you are impressed with the results!

Our team specializes in LINE-X solutions for Boise drivers. Whether you’re in need of a spray-in bedliner to keep the bed of your truck protected, need specialty services for your boat, or have a custom project, we have the skills and solutions to fit every situation. Investing in an inferior spray-on liner can leave your vehicle open to a variety of problems, all of which can be remedied by our top-notch services. Contact us to learn more about our LINE-X services, and be sure to schedule your appointment today!