LINE-X sprays are an ideal solution for trucks and cars in need of extra protection. While this polyurea spray has come to revolutionize the automotive industry, customers are always surprised to learn that LINE-X coatings can be applied to a variety of other surfaces. As long as your material can hold an electrostatic charge, our team can provide amazing results that are sure to impress for a lifetime.

LINE-X of Boise is here to deliver outstanding results for nearly every application out there. Our team relies on the best training and equipment to partner with this leading brand. Today, we’ll discuss a few areas where our services can prove useful, as well as some applications you likely weren’t expecting. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us online or stop by our truck shop today!

LINE-X for the Food Industry

Achieving a sanitary and hygienic outcome for your food and water systems can prove incredibly difficult. Luckily, LINE-X sprays use no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and cure to an inert substance. This provides an ideal product for use in water and food applications. Anti-slip measures and minimized maintenance also help to make LINE-X a smart choice for kitchens nationwide.

Farm Equipment

Agricultural operations can benefit from LINE-X sprays as well. Heavy equipment used for tilling and harvesting can benefit from the outstanding protection of LINE-X, while silos and containers benefit from complete protection from moisture and corrosion. Farmers cite the advantages of minimal maintenance to create such outstanding protection.

From manure stalls to livestock trailers, LINE-X of Boise has the ability to coat all of your farm equipment with quality. Contact us today to learn more about our spray-on services, and be sure to ask for a quote for your project!

Industrial Applications

Many facilities rely on heavy equipment to complete daily tasks, placing a lot of wear and tear on these costly components to get the job done. A LINE-X coating can do much to protect the exterior surfaces from abrasion while increasing facility aesthetics. From surfaces in containment areas to pipe coatings, LINE-X can coat nearly every piece of equipment in an industrial facility.

Building Protection

Nearly every element of a building has the potential to benefit from LINE-X. Sound systems, fire alarms, and more can all take advantage of the lifelong protection afforded by this top-notch coating. Businesses have relied on this spray-on application to protect their storage units, while others have deployed it for surface protection in high-traffic areas. No matter your structure’s needs, LINE-X can help!

Outdoor Gear

Whether you’re worried about your child’s playground or you wish to protect your lawn toys, LINE-X is here to help. Our protective coating is perfectly suited for outdoor applications, and will be able to offer sound protection through the seasons. Sun, snow, and wind can all be mitigated with a simple, affordable LINE-X spray.

Boat Use

Watertight protection is essential in the marine world, and many enthusiasts have come to rely on LINE-X sprays to deliver outstanding protection and peace of mind. Our services can help to protect the hull of your craft, providing a surface that resists impacts from rocks and other debris while relying on stout UV resistance. The result is a watertight surface that keeps rust and leaks out. For added value, LINE-X can be added to decks and other surfaces for slip resistance.

You can also rely on LINE-X of Boise for your other boating equipment, including ramps, decks, steps, and more.

Recreational Vehicles

Providing a rugged outer layer for your ATV may prove to be a very smart choice. The same can be said for your cross-country RV. Drivers across Idaho have come to rely on the beauty and protection of LINE-X, and this spray-on application can also be utilized to keep recreational vehicles safe in addition to cars and trucks.

Home Protection

Residential uses for LINE-X are widespread. Customers can bring in a variety of products for us to apply our protective coating to, including swingsets, furniture, dog kennels, sheds, barbecues, gates, and more. In larger applications, LINE-X sprays can also be utilized to protect fences, roofs, decks, and ponds. Idaho homeowners can benefit from the ideal protection, minimal maintenance, and noise reduction associated with this polyurea spray.

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Line-X of Boise is here to serve as your source for the best protective sprays across the state. Our experienced team has the coatings and truck accessories you need to protect your vehicle on the road, and we are confident that we can provide a precise fit for nearly every application. We’re always taking new challenges on what can and cannot be protected by LINE-X, and will be happy to speak with you about your project.

Contact us today to learn more about our LINE-X services, and be sure to stop by our shop to see the results for yourself!