As surface protectant experts, we offer a full range of services that restore and protect the beauty and strength of a variety of products. Partnering with the most respected and sought-after brand manufacturers, we are able to confidently guarantee exceptional results in vehicle and equipment protection. From plastic or metal to concrete or fiberglass, there are few materials we can’t enhance or protect with our services.

Media Blasting

Thoroughly removing paint, rust, grime — and a list of other contaminants — media blasting, often referred to as sandblasting, is a powerful cleaning and surface preparation technique. Restoring the surface of vehicles, equipment, tools and even building elements, the process allows you to ready a surface for painting or powder coating or allows it to stand beautifully on its own.
Comprised of steel grit, aluminum oxide, crushed glass or garnet, the abrasives used in media blasting are specifically chosen for their varying effects. Our technicians will choose the most appropriate abrasive formula for your project based on your expectations and needs.


Non-Stick Coatings

Improving the functionality and, ultimately, the lifespan of a variety of manufacturing equipment, the application of permanent non-stick coatings help technicians in many fields enjoy elevated ease-of-use and less maintenance of equipment.
Approved by the FDA for use in food manufacturing, our food-grade coatings simplify the baking and cooking process by reducing cleaning and maintenance. Non-stick coatings eliminate sticky build-up of food materials, eliminating time-wasting chores.From bread pans to augers, from waffle irons to hoppers, non-stick coatings make your messy manufacturing jobs much less messy. Think non-stick is the solution you need? Contact our team now for more information or to schedule a project assessment.