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Powder Coating and Finish in boise, IDaho

Powder Coated - Coating Service in Boise, ID
Powder coating is a beautiful, tough, flexible, extremely durable finish we can apply to almost any part able to withstand the baking process ranging in temperatures from 275-F to 875-F.

We offer over 675 different colors and four basic types of powders from which to choose. Additionally, a custom color matching service is available at a very competitive price.

We can Powder coat steel, glass, concrete, pottery, terra-cotta, most metallic parts and some high-temp plastics. Almost anything that can holdup to the heat of the baking process.

Red Powder Coated Steel Wheel - Coating Service in Boise, ID
Powder coating is an environmentally friendly, safe, low to non toxic producing product brought on initially by the oncoming environmental laws prohibiting the generation of hazardous waste. It quickly became a favorite of the industry due to its incredibly tough, durable finish, higher chip resistance and bonding characteristics.

Powder coating comes to the applicator in a box, the consistency of flour, it is applied electrostatically (charging the powder/grounding the substrate) and baked, where it crosslinks and bonds with the substrate to form a smooth, tough high impact resistant flexible, durable finish. Powder coating also comes in textured, low gloss, and multi color patterns to meet the demands of the ever growing customer base.

Silver Powder Coated Steel - Coating Service in Boise, ID
There are two basic groups of powder coatings, Thermal set and Thermal plastic. Thermset powder crosslinks, (melts, flows and bonds) in the baking process and can not be re-melted. Thermal plastic powders can be reheated and re-melted indefinitely.

  • Appliances
  • Truck and Auto
  • Engines
  • Manifolds
  • Wheels
  • Roll bars
  • Running boards
  • Lawn furniture
  • Office equipment

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