Shop Our Lineup of Truck Bed Tonneau Covers

LINE-X of Boise is here to provide the best truck accessories to match our unbeatable spray-in bed liners. Once you coat the bed of your vehicle with LINE-X spray, it may be time to cover the top to keep everything within safe and secure.

Our shop provides a full range of upgrades to match your goals, whether you need new lights to take on the trails or a spray-in bed liner to keep your vehicle safe. We stock a range of tonneau covers, with each delivering security, improved fuel efficiency, and peace of mind for all of your possessions.

Styles for Every Driver

  • Rollup Covers — Many drivers enjoy a simple, effective approach to gain access to their truck beds. Rollup tonneau covers come in hard or soft formats, allowing you to roll back the top.
  • Folding — Tri- and bi-fold tonneau covers provide convenience with rigid access along each point of the bed. Soft folding covers are more affordable while hardcovers provide ideal coverage in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Retractable — Smooth and sleek, retractable tonneau covers can withdraw into a storage device near the cab for easy transitions.
  • Hinged — Relying on hinges that allow the front to fold upward, these tonneau covers come in many styles and can provide quick access to any area.

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How Do I Choose the Right Cover?

With so many design options created for many different makes and models, it is essential to choose the right product for your needs. LINE-X of Boise is here to outfit Idaho drivers with the best truck accessories in the market today, and we’ll discuss all of the available options to help in making your life better.

Contact us online or fill out the form below today to learn more about the tonneau covers available, and be sure to visit our LINE-X shop to find the best truck accessories on the market!