Your pickup truck is designed to provide the best in terms of practicality and functionality, but what about all of those tools rolling around in the bed? Gas cans, sledgehammers, boots, and more can all create quite the mess in any vehicle, which is why many drivers across North Dakota and eastern Montana turn to EPSCO and LINE-X of Boise for assistance.

Our team has the best truck accessories in the area, relying on proven products from trusted manufacturers in coordination with our industry-leading experience to help generate the best fit for each and every driver. We will be happy to help you benefit with one of our quality tool boxes!

Incredible Organization

The top reason drivers visit our store in Boise for a tool box is to keep their gear organized. Truck tool boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles to best meet the needs of construction managers, contractors, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. Regardless of your gear, it pays to stow everything in a secure tool box for complete peace of mind and an added boost to the aesthetics.

Rugged Aesthetics

Every truck owner wants their vehicle to look as good as it performs, and a new tool box may be just what you need to complete your upgrades. Truck tool boxes come in many finishes and designs to accentuate most designs, with many drivers adding additional components to further increase their truck’s convenience as well as aesthetics. If you’re ready to find a rugged fit for your vehicle, be sure to visit our truck accessories store on West 37th Street!

Top-Notch Protection

You spent a lot of time and money on your tools and other equipment, so why risk these items in the bed of your truck? Conditions such as wind and rain can take their toll on most tools, which is why a tool box may prove to be a very cost-effective investment. The rigid protection of these truck accessories help to provide complete protection from a variety of dangers, leaving all of your gear dry, clean, and exactly where you left it.

Ideal Security

A new tool box can provide the locking mechanism needed to keep all of your valuable equipment safely stowed in the bed. Modern lock systems ensure that you’re the only person capable of entering the tool box without issue. Many professionals cite security as a top reason to invest in a storage box outside of the cab.

Seamless Fits With Other Truck Accessories

A new truck box may prove to be a smart investment in conjunction with a new tonneau cover or our industry-leading LINE-X sprays. If you’re planning on installing numerous truck upgrades in addition to your tool box, we recommend reaching out to our professionals to ensure that everything will fit correctly once all is said and done.

Ready to get started? Browse our site to find the LINE-X services and accessories you need, and contact us online or fill out the form below for your product quote. We look forward to helping you!