Engineered to outperform, LINE-X protective coatings have been deployed to enhance the durability and strength across a wide variety of products. From truck beds to RVs, watercraft, bridges, and industrial equipment, customers across Boise have long relied on our LINE-X services for a lifetime of results. EPSCO Powder And Industrial Coatings is here to provide the best results for Idaho drivers, and businesses, delivering media blasting, powder coating, and LINE-X services to ensure the highest level of protection and beauty for every application.

Before scheduling your services, catch up on the reasons why you should consider investing in LINE-X spray-on applications.

Lasting UV Protection

Years in the sun and snow can take a major toll on most truck finishes, yet LINE-X sprays are built to last. When properly installed by an authorized dealer, this polyurea truck coating can deliver a lifetime of UV protection, retaining its stable color properties to provide a long-lasting shine for nearly every surface of your vehicle.

Complete Corrosion Control

The science behind LINE-X is what makes it so advantageous over other vehicle coatings. By bonding at the chemical level, your spray-in bedliner benefits from an impenetrable barrier that keeps the weather out. Years of outdoor use can cause many metals to corrode and rust, yet LINE-X sprays continue on to deliver a lifetime of protection. If you’re worried about the seasonal temperature changes or any existing rust on your vehicle, be sure to bring it to EPSCO Powder And Industrial Coatings in Boise for top-notch results!

Watertight Applications

Beyond the moisture coming into contact with your ride, you will also need to be wary of chemicals, cleaners, and a variety of other caustic elements that can stain or damage nearby surfaces.

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Impressive Impact Protection

Scratches, dents, and a variety of other damages can reduce the beauty and durability of your ride. Instead of worrying about the items rolling around in the bed of your truck, invest in peace of mind from LINE-X. This spray is famous for its unsurpassed impact and abrasion resistance, delivering rigid results that can withstand the heaviest use. According to their site, LINE-X holds a tensile strength up to 6,600 pounds per square inch! When combined with their impressive Shore D rating, it’s easy to see why this spray-on liner has become a top choice worldwide.

Durable Performances

Over the years, LINE-X has evolved to offer the best balance between flexibility and strength. EPSCO Powder And Industrial Coatings has the experience and equipment needed to deliver lasting results for the lifetime of your vehicle. Beyond the comprehensive warranty, drivers can rest assured their vehicles are protected by LINE-X, which is proven to outlast the other components of the vehicle.

Acoustic Advantages

A quality spray-on liner can also help to minimize those unwanted bumps and bounces that create a clatter in the bed of your truck. One LINE-X bed application can provide considerable acoustic benefits for your ride. Contact our team today to learn more about this benefit, and be sure to tell our team about your vehicle’s needs to ensure that we find the best fit!

Safe Outcomes

LINE-X coatings are designed to cure to an inert material in little time, delivering a safe, healthy outcome for everyone involved. Relying on a solvent-free application, this car protection delivers top-of-the-line results in a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable manner. Customers in need of industrial powder coatings can rely on LINE-X sprays as an OSHA-approved alternative.

LINE-X sprays provide unsurpassed beauty and protection for vehicles of all types across Idaho, EPSCO Powder And Industrial Coatings is here to deliver lasting results. Contact us today to learn more about our Top Rated Local® LINE-X services, and be sure to schedule your appointment!