With more than two decades of experience as a team, this has allowed us to gain recognition as the respected Media Blasting and Powder Coating Specialists in the Treasure Valley. Our focus has always been on achieving flawless results, relying on proven products and techniques that withstand the test of time.

We take pride in serving a diverse range of customers, from car enthusiasts and metal fabricators to local artists, both in commercial and residential sectors. Through countless projects, we’ve enhanced and protected various components enhancing their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s media blasting car bodies, powder coating fence rails, or applying non-stick coatings to augers, we strive to provide you with a durable coating that will last.

Located on West 37th Street, we’re honored to serve you and invite you to experience the benefits of working with caring professionals. Whether you visit us in person or reach out by phone, we promise a friendly and memorable experience, dedicated to meeting your project needs.

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