Excuse us for bragging but, as a team that boasts more than two decades of experience, we can easily claim to be one of the most respected and preferred groups of protectant solution specialists in the Treasure Valley. With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at achieving flawless results, we choose to only use those products and techniques that have been proven to stand the test of time.

From truck dealerships to motorcycle enthusiasts and safety-conscious moms, we proudly serve the needs of both commercial and residential customers. Led by locals Greg and Shelley Wallace, our team has completed countless projects, ultimately enhancing and protecting the beauty and functionality of the products and vehicles that we all rely upon on a daily basis. We’ve media blasted car bodies. We’ve powder coated children’s bike parts. We’ve applied non-stick coatings to the beaters and mixers of local bakeries and cheese factories. We’ve LINE-X’d the beds of your neighbors’ trucks. Finding a solution that suits your needs but exceeds your expectations, our team uses experience, knowledge, training and skill to deliver unparalleled results.

Proud to serve you from our West 37th Street location, the Wallace family and their team invite you to discover the benefits of working with true, caring professionals by visiting or calling us for your next project. We promise a friendly, memorable experience.