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Powder Coating For Vehicles

POWDER COATING FOR VEHICLES – Several components of a vehicle can be powder coated to enhance their appearance and durability. Some common parts that are often powder coated on a vehicle include:

  1. Wheels: Powder coating wheels can provide them with a durable finish that resists chips, scratches, and corrosion, while also allowing for customization with various colors and finishes.
  2. Brake calipers: Powder coating brake calipers not only improves their appearance but also provides heat resistance and corrosion protection, which can prolong their lifespan and maintain optimal braking performance.
  3. Bumpers and trim: Powder coating bumpers and trim pieces can refresh their appearance and provide added protection against chips, scratches, and fading caused by exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.
  4. Roll cages and chassis components: Powder coating roll cages and chassis components can enhance their strength and durability, as well as provide corrosion resistance, which is especially important for vehicles used in off-road or racing environments.
  5. Engine components: Certain engine components, such as valve covers, intake manifolds, and engine mounts, can be powder coated to provide heat resistance and corrosion protection, as well as improve their appearance under the hood.
  6. Suspension parts: Powder coating suspension parts, such as control arms, springs, and sway bars, can provide added durability and corrosion resistance, as well as enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle’s suspension system.
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Powder coating is rapidly gaining popularity in automotive projects. Obtaining that coveted “powder-coated finish” is just one aspect of the value that the EPSCO team can offer for enhancing your vehicle’s appeal. Get in touch with us today to explore the benefits of our Media Blasting and Powder Coating Services firsthand!

Comprehensive Solutions

For all-encompassing solutions to surface damage from abrasions and corrosion, EPSCO is your go-to destination. If you’re unsure about whether your industrial or vehicle part is suitable for powder coating, trust EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings to address your concerns.

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