We could talk all day about our expertise and skill when it comes to powder coating. We could brag and boast about the number of projects we’ve completed. We could even bore you silly with the techniques and processes that we use that set the bar higher for our competitors, but to be honest — none of that matters if you’re not personally satisfied. So, we humbly focus our efforts on making your project our number-one priority and strive to ensure superior quality without compromise with all of our car coats and protective services.

Powder Coating For Every Application

In many cases, versatility is key when trying to achieve the highest level of success over time. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to deliver the best outcome for every surface, including:

  • Powder Coating for Vehicles – Versatility and beauty combine with our powder coating services for cars and trucks. We can cover nearly every part with protection and high-quality shines, including frames, truck beds, steps, toppers, and more.
  • Industrial Powder Coating – Whether you need one item powder coated or one thousand items covered, it pays to go with the pros for industrial coatings. We can personalize our approach for your industry-specific needs.

Creating an impervious, scratch-, dent-, and chip-resistant surface, the professional application of our powder coating system allows us to quickly and affordably restore old car parts, wrought iron, patio furniture, and more. Commercial customers enjoy the life-extending protection of heavy-duty machinery, fleet vehicles, equipment, tools, and more with powder coating. Available in a wide range of finishes, textures and colors, these protective coverings are easily customizable to your unique demands and style.

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Reliable Outcomes

In the powder coating industry, customers can find a wide range of specialists available to help with their project needs. It is important to remember that the quality of your outcome will depend heavily on the skills and processes used by your chosen powder coating company. Our team is proud to provide reliable results for every service we offer. Meeting your expectations is our goal, and delivering the best in the business is our approach for helping everyone that walks through our doors.

At EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings, we lead the local industry with our superior powder coating application techniques. Staffed with hand-selected, expertly trained, and exceptionally skilled technicians, our team is highly talented and oddly passionate about powder coating.

Comprehensive Solutions

In many cases, abrasions and eventual corrosion can result in damaged, compromised surfaces. If you are worried that your industrial or vehicle part won’t be suitable for powder coating, be sure to bring it in! The EPSCO team is always happy to find cost-effective solutions for your project, and offer services such as media blasting to restore the smoothness to a variety of products.

Do you have something you think could benefit from our powder coating services in Boise? We love a good challenge! Contact us now or visit our West 37th Street location to get your free project estimate for all of our powder coating services!