We could talk all day about our expertise and skill when it comes to powder coating. We could brag and boast about the number of projects we’ve completed. We could even bore you silly with the techniques and processes that we use that set the bar higher for our competitors, but — to be honest — none of that matters if you’re not personally satisfied. So, we humbly focus our efforts on making your project our number one priority and strive to ensure superior quality without compromise.

Creating an impervious, scratch-, dent- and chip-resistant surface, the professional application of powder coating allows us to quickly and affordable restore old car parts, wrought iron, patio furniture and more. Commercial customers enjoy the life-extending protection of heavy-duty machinery, fleet vehicles, equipment, tools and more with powder coating. Available in a wide range of finishes, textures and colors, the protective coverings are easily customizable to your unique needs.
At EPSCO, we lead the local industry with our superior powder coating application techniques. Staffed with hand-selected, highly trained and exceptionally skilled technicians, our team is ridiculously talented and oddly passionate about powder coating.
Got something you think could benefit from powder coating? We love a good challenge. Contact us now or visit our West 37th Street location to get your free project estimate.