The Advantages of Powder Coating Versus Liquid Paint

Consumers require quality results for all of their surface coating needs, ranging from truck rims to tools, pump components, and more. If you’re debating between liquid paint and powder coating for your next project, our team is here and happy to make the choice clear. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is proud to specialize in powder coating services for Boise customers, relying on the best training and technology in the industry to create a precise outcome each and every time.

Today, we’ll compare the advantages of powder coating against the traditional value of liquid paint. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us now for your free quote!

Comparing Two Finishes

The primary difference between liquid paint and powder coating is that paint relies on a solvent to help keep the paint in a consistent, liquid form. Binders and fillers are utilized to retain the properties needed for application. Powder coats are applied electrostatically in conjunction with heat and dry powder to create a rigid surface. While the two methods can be beneficial for a variety of industrial coatings, only one provides a superior finish.

Eco-Friendly Results

One of the most immediate benefits of powder coating over liquid paint occurs throughout the application process. Liquid paint relies on a variety of thinners, solvents, and other chemicals for installation, and cleanup tasks can produce considerable waste and put strain on our environment. Professionals cite the lack of hazardous waste production as a major selling point for eco-friendly consumers.

Unlike solvent paints, powder coating results in zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These harmful vapors and gases can release over time, exposing individuals to a medley of problems. Powder coating does not rely on solvents, and can create cost-effective results without the need for pollution control measures.

Precise Applications

The quality of your finish will depend largely on the skill of your shop and the materials used. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings specializes in this service, and will be able to deliver a precise outcome for every application, ranging from appliances and tools to vehicle components, building elements, and more. One key advantage to powder coating over liquid paint is the ability to reclaim wasted materials, resulting in nearly 100% of the coating being used.

Check out our gallery to see the beauty of our powder coating services in action. We’re here and ready to get to work on your next project, so be sure to fill out the free quote form while you’re on our site!

Efficient Finishes

With a powder coating system, you’re left with a clean finish that looks beautiful from any angle. Unlike liquid paints, which can change appearance from horizontal to vertical surfaces, powder coating can cover the surfaces with seamless quality. You can also thicken your powder coat finish to achieve different goals. No matter the need, our industrial coating pros are here to create an ideal finish!

Airtight Results

One key issue that can disrupt the finish and protection of liquid paint is oxidation. Any gaps in the paint can allow water and air to infiltrate, disrupting the quality of your new finish and putting your surfaces at risk. Our team specializes in high-quality powder coating services and can work to ensure your finish is completely airtight.

Ideal Durability

Our powder coating services are designed to outlast liquid paints, providing an ideal finish that protects from scrapes, scuffs, stains, and more. This application process creates a smooth, rigid surface that provides much better protection compared to a liquid paint. Different mixtures can be utilized to achieve different finishes, with many professionals investing in powder coating for a strong finish to resist regular wear and tear.

Personalized Aesthetics

While liquid paint can provide a personalized look for your product, it does have its limitations. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings of Boise can help you achieve a wide range of visual effects and specialty coatings to ensure you are happy with the result. Reach out to our powder coating company to learn about the many colors and finishes available, ranging from high-gloss shines to flat finishes.

Cost-Effective Outcomes

The speed, precision, and professionalism of your local powder coating shop will go a long way in determining your price tag once the powder settles. When you combine recent industry advancements, high levels of efficiency, the ability to reclaim wasted powder, and the ability to operate without the costs of properly handling VOCs, you receive an outcome that is as cost-effective as can be!

Get Started Today

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings has completed hundreds of projects for customers across Idaho, relying on our proven process to create a finish that is sure to impress you. We work hard to deliver ideal powder coating outcomes across Boise, and have partnered with LINE-X of Boise to provide a full range of protection for drivers and working professionals.

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