Reviewing Our Powder Coating FAQs

Industrial coatings come in a variety of finishes to help working professionals and discerning consumers achieve an ideal finish for their needs. From farm equipment to kitchen settings, bumpers to swingsets, powder coating has become a popular choice, offering a wide range of benefits to customers. If you’re interested in learning more about this cost-effective service, our powder coating pros in Boise are here and happy to help!

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to serve as your professional source for powder coating services. We also offer LINE-X sprays, truck accessories, and more to outfit your vehicle for success. Our team specializes in this industry, and will be happy to answer any customer questions.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of our most frequently asked questions about powder coating. If you’re ready to get started, then feel free to contact us now for a quote!

How does powder coating stick?

Unlike paints, which rely on solvents and binders to adhere to surfaces, powder coating can be applied through an electrostatic charge. When the powder is charged through this process, a ground wire is secured to the product being serviced. This connection will cause the powder to stick to the surfaces for baking.

It’s important to remember that the preparation process includes media or sandblasting to remove existing contaminants and finishes. This service also etches the surface to allow for better adhesion between powder and product.

Does powder coating involve baking?

Yes. Once we have coated your parts in powder, we then place them in an industrial oven to fully cure. Heating upwards of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this process melts the powder onto the surface, creating a seamless sheet that bonds to the etched surfaces at a chemical level.

This process results in a form-fitting finish that provides a full range of protection. If any errors were made in this process, then your powder coating finish may not perform as expected. Reach out to the EPSCO team to learn about the quality behind our powder coating process!

Do I need to worry about cleanliness or surface rust?

Our media blasting experts will scour every surface before powder coating to ensure an ideal bond. It is highly recommended to keep your product free from grime and oil, but you do not have to overly stress about any dirt or corrosion.

What items can you powder coat?

The pros at EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings take pride in professionally covering each product brought to us in a quality powder coating finish. We can powder coat a long range of items, provided that the material can survive temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Plastics, rubber, wood, and other materials would not fare well in this baking environment, compromising the purpose of the protective coating.

Our powder coating company in Boise is proud to rely on the most experienced technicians and modern technology in the industry, and will work hard to meet your demands. Contact us today to see if you can powder coat your product in question, and be sure to check out our gallery!

What items do you typically powder coat?

We take pride in our versatile powder coating services, and work with industry professionals and private residents to alike to personalize the outcome for each individual. A few applications we deploy our powder coatings for include:

  • Fabricated steel
  • Fitness equipment
  • Automotive applications
  • Farm equipment
  • Electronics
  • Medical offices
  • Store fixtures
  • Outdoor furniture

Can I utilize a clear coat with your powder coating services?

Yes! EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings can deploy a wide variety of colors and finishes to best meet your needs. Our team can provide industrial coatings in a clear finish to create a protective outcome that does not change the original aesthetics of the surface.

Can powder coating cover up surface imperfections?

It depends. In most cases, a powder coating system can be applied over minor imperfections. It also depends on the type of finish (glossy powders will make it harder to hide damages compared to textured finishes), as well as the thickness of powder coating. Keep in mind that our industrial coatings are meant to provide protection, not remedy existing damages. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings understands that the finish is only as good as the layers beneath, and will work hard to ensure your surface is optimally prepared for a surface coat.

Why should I invest in powder coating?

There are many protective coatings available for vehicle and industrial applications, making it important to invest in the right finish for the job. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to create the best results, delivering outcomes that are:

  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Beautiful
  • Airtight
  • Versatile
  • Easy to maintain

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to get started, our powder coating shop in Boise is here and ready to deliver a precise outcome. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings and LINE-X of Boise specialize in protective coatings for vehicles, industrial components, and more. We’re confident that we can create a cost-effective outcome that performs beautifully for your needs over the years.

Contact us online for your free quote, and be sure to ask any questions not covered in this blog post!

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