Powder Coating Versus Paint — Our Car Protection Team Explains the Advantages

When it comes to protective coatings, Idaho drivers have a range of mixtures to choose from. Many individuals elect to stay with their standard factory paint, while others opt for premium protection. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to provide ideal results for customers with a variety of needs, ranging from furniture and outdoor accessories to classic car restorations and more. We have the skills and training to encase your project in top-notch powder coating, and are happy to explain the differences between this protective coating and standard liquid paint.

One form of protection is applied electrostatically and cured in an oven while the other is applied wet and allowed to dry, meaning the chemical composition of your powder coating system will help to provide some unique advantages that many drivers simply are not aware of. Keep reading to compare the benefits of wet paint against powder coating, and reach out to our Boise shop to protect your daily driver, collector’s vehicles, and more!

Awesome Aesthetics

Paint has long been the winner in the looks department, providing customizable tints and consistent hues to help customers achieve a smooth finish on nearly any conceivable purpose. Suppliers can quickly match your custom colors, creating a reliable finish that you can reapply for years to come, as needed. This doesn’t mean that powder coating is plain by any means!

Powder coating systems are available in a range of vibrant colors, providing a standardized method of infusing beauty into any project! When installed by the pros at EPSCO, your powder coat will look like it is fresh off the factory floor! Check out our gallery to see how dynamic our finishes can be!

As always, the quality of your painting or powder coating services will determine how beautiful and durable the final results are. Keep in mind that wet paint will require several coatings before a perfectly even finish is achieved. Powder coating, on the other hand, can be achieved with minimal effort or material.

Performance and Protection

When it comes to resisting scratches, abrasions, corrosion, and more, powder coating is the clear winner. This is important when it comes to protective coatings, as any deficiencies in the surface can compromise the entire system.

The application and curing process associated with powder coating creates a bond at the chemical level, bonding with the existing surface for extreme protection from outside influences. Wet paint is designed to provide a layer of protection for the surface beneath, yet little curing is involved which improves the strength or durability of your vehicle’s coating. Powder coating delivers rigid durability and ideal protection for product longevity.

Environmental Impacts

Wet paints are known to house volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are damaging elements produced by off-gassing, product evaporation, and more. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to VOCs can harm individuals as well as the environment, spurring many builders and manufacturers to opt for healthier material options. Powder coating is free from VOCs, providing peace of mind for you in any project you take on.

Additionally, liquid paint is subject to considerable waste throughout the application process. Paint cannot be collected and recycled for later use. When you consider that nearly 75% of paint can be lost on a typical project, it’s easy to understand why so many drivers opt for powder coating services. Our shop is proud to boast a high reuse rate, cutting our material waste far below 10%.

Cost Considerations

Being able to install a powder coating system in one pass while also collecting a majority of the overspray should lead to financial benefits, right? Liquid paint has become the standard for protective coatings in the automotive industry, and there is one big reason why — cost. The initial cost of powder coating is higher, making paint the best choice for manufacturers.

If the proper training and tools are deployed, powder coating services can prove to be much more affordable in the long run. Why? The hazardous nature of paint necessitates more protective measures and higher insurance premiums for shops. With powder coating, these extra costs are non-existent. This system also boasts a high success rate, delivering ideal finishes without intensive effort. The high reusability, improved safety, unbeatable longevity, and precision of powder coating can truly provide a cost-effective result!

Is Paint Set to Remain the Industry Standard?

Wet paint has long been the standard when it comes to protective coatings for vehicles. Why? Practicality and affordability. Most paint shops do not invest the time, money, or energy into acquiring the skills and tools needed to implement high-quality powder coating systems. When developed properly, however, powder coating services can achieve a higher return on your investment (ROI), delivering years of high-quality protection with a good-looking finish.

Things are looking good for powder coating, and our Boise shop is here to help lead the way in providing affordable, durable results for each and every project we take on. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings and LINE-X of Boise specializes in protecting vehicles from the top down, including our truck accessories, powder coating services, LINE-X sprays, and more.

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