All across Idaho, drivers depend on the reliability and performance of their trucks to get life done. Whether you rely on your vehicle for everyday work or simply getting to the slopes, it’s important to take steps to protect this investment from damages. Hazards such as chips, dents, cracks, and rust can all hamper the quality of your truck, impacting its appearance and usability. Instead of leaving your vehicle’s finish to the elements, protect it with the sure quality of LINE-X. For years, this spray-on coating has served to deliver unbeatable benefits to drivers of all types. Citizens in Boise seeking LINE-X sprays have been able to benefit from the quality of EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings for years, receiving complete results across a wide range of surfaces and applications.

One of the biggest benefits of LINE-X services is their ability to deliver the same performance for every part on your truck. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the most common parts we cover with our LINE-X sprays. If you’re looking for complete protection for your ride, be sure to contact our powder coating specialists today!

LINE-X Protection For Every Surface

As long as the surface in question can hold an electrostatic charge, our truck coating specialists can coat it with LINE-X’s superior formula and proven protection. At EPSCO, our team understands the importance of relying on the toughest truck accessories and spray-on coatings to keep every part of your vehicle safe. Not only is this process now more efficient and affordable than ever, but it can also last a lifetime.

Our LINE-X spray services in Boise are tailored to deliver lasting results across many parts and materials. A few of our most popular components include:

  • Wheels and fenders – The rims underneath your beast likely take on a lot of wear and tear. Off-road enthusiasts know the damage that can appear all over their vehicles after a tough trail. Instead of leaving your truck to the mercy of the outdoors, turn instead to LINE-X spray, which  provides lifetime protection for your wheels as well as the fenders protecting your panels.
  • Truck beds – Our flagship service, LINE-X spray-in bedliners is the perfect choice for truck owners across Idaho. Featuring complete protection and a quality appearance, you’re sure to love this truck-bed coating!
  • Frames and chassis – Encase your vehicle’s backbone in added durability with LINE-X spray. This comprehensive service ensures lasting protection against the worst conditions.
  • Bumpers and grille guards – This rear- and front-facing truck accessory helps to buffer the vitals of your truck (passengers included) from impacts. Additionally, grilles and their guards serve to defend against the damages of the road. LINE-X can deliver ideal damage resistance to keep your truck safe for years to come.
  • Steps and running boards – Add friction and durability to the steps on your truck. These surfaces serve to provide traction for passengers while adding a layer of defense against impacts from below. Stock options, nerf steps, drop-downs, and more can be outfitted with our LINE-X spray services.
  • Hoods – One large and impressive way to make an impact with our LINE-X services is to encase your hood in a protective coating. Oftentimes, truck owners will try this style out before investing in a full exterior spray.
  • Oil pans – This critical component serves to house the blood of your engine, yet it often is among the lowest points beneath your vehicle. This leaves your oil pan open to dings, dents, and corrosion, leaving the health of your truck vulnerable to danger. LINE-X can add a layer of security to this vital part.

Quality Design Options

Nobody can deny the rugged good looks of LINE-X on any surface, let alone an off-road machine. Our vehicle protection specialists can work with you to create the most efficient and affordable outcome for your ride, providing suggestions where appropriate, to make the most of your truck improvements. LINE-X not only offers superior protection and long-lasting results, but comes in different textures and colors, too! Contact the EPSCO team today to learn more about the aesthetic value of our design services.

Comprehensive Coverage

While most media blasting and powder coating services come with impressive warranties, few match the coverage offered by LINE-X. As a proud provider, EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to deliver quality for the lifetime of your vehicle. We will walk you through our modern application process, completing our work with unrivaled warranty coverages. If your LINE-X sprays crack, split, or bubble, we will repair it, no questions asked!

Regardless of the parts you want covered, LINE-X will be able to deliver incredibly durable results that are sure to impress onlookers for decades to come. From the roof rack over your cab to the frame within, our powder coating specialists are here and ready to provide the right services for the job. Check back next time, as we will be discussing a few of the specialty painting services offered by EPSCO and LINE-X. Contact us today to learn more about our spray-on services and to receive an estimate for your project!