You’ve heard of LINE-X sprays, and now is the perfect time to outfit your truck with a lifetime of premium protection. LINE-X of Boise specializes in protective coatings for a variety of surfaces, delivering industry-leading benefits that are worth every penny! Catch up on our blogs here to learn about the value of our LINE-X services, as well as exciting news, frequently asked questions, and more. Ready to take on the trail with confidence? Visit our protective coating specialists in Boise today for fast, professional results!

  1. DIY vs Professional LINE-X Installation

    If you’re like most of the hard workers out there who finally allow themselves to invest in a nice truck, it’s your baby. There’s something about wrapping your hands around the wheel of something that’s all your own and harnesses so much power beneath the hood. In one purchase, you’ve mana…Read More

  2. Highlighting Our Most Commonly LINE-X’d Products

    These days, everyone knows about the superior protection and long-lasting value of LINE-X sprays. Unless you’ve been dwelling under a rock, you’ll know that LINE-X delivers precise results at an affordable price. This polyurea coating has evolved to take on a wide range of projects, many of whic…Read More

  3. Explaining The Technical Advantages of LINE-X Sprays

    These days, drivers expect the best when it comes to aftermarket vehicle protection. There are dozens of spray-on coatings available, making it essential for consumers to understand which materials are worth the price and which should be avoided at all costs. Idaho drivers have come to rely on the s…Read More

  4. Highlighting a Few Common Myths About LINE-X Coatings

    LINE-X sprays have become the world leader in protective coatings for vehicles, tools, and nearly any object that requires a protective surface. No other product can provide the same level of longevity and protection from scratches, impacts, gouges, corrosion, and more. Unfortunately, many drivers o…Read More

  5. The Value Of Our LINE-X Spray For Your Work Truck

    Working professionals across Idaho rely on their work trucks day-in and day-out to get the work done, creating a lot of wear and tear throughout a normal year. Painters, electricians, exterminators, and a variety of other specialists depend on their vehicles to get to each job while enforcing their …Read More