If you’re like most of the hard workers out there who finally allow themselves to invest in a nice truck, it’s your baby. There’s something about wrapping your hands around the wheel of something that’s all your own and harnesses so much power beneath the hood. In one purchase, you’ve managed to proudly invest in one of the best utilitarian vehicles out there. Indeed, we’re willing to go out on a limb and assume that you’d do just about anything to keep that truck in your driveway looking brand new for as long as possible. So, just what does preserving your truck for the long haul entail? Probably installing a high-end truck bed liner, but you could potentially take it just a bit further. Check out how below! 

Install LINE-X Where Your Truck Will Take a Beating

Trucks are not froo-froo vehicles. They are powerful machines that bestow their power upon a worthy driver. They aren’t meant to be babied, they’re meant to be used and abused. But there’s no reason that the abuse shouldn’t wash off easily and leave your truck looking brand new after a hard day’s work, which is why so many turn to a protective coating that can keep the body of your vehicle looking sharp and mean for years to come.

Now, most trucks are used to haul things, whether it’s mulch for a landscaping company or antique furniture for a move across town. That means the bed of your truck is what’s going to get beat up and used the most. Truck bed liners like the LINE-X system provide unmatched protection and total customization for every truck driver. That way, when you’re done transporting a load of river rock or your tool kit around town, you can just hose off the debris and reveal the shining construction of your truck bed without a single ding or a bit of damage. Plus, it’s completely VOC free and is guaranteed with impressive warranties alongside the impressive performance level. 

Why Not DIY

Now, many truck owners are comfortable with a set of tools and don’t fear DIY projects. You feel at home when you’re working with your hands, completing a project to your satisfaction. So, you don’t fear DIY projects like some of the folks talking about how easy DIY projects can be should. However, that doesn’t really count with the LINE-X system, because many of the benefits that make the LINE-X system superior are rendered void if not completed by a professional.

The standard LINE-X system, for example, is equipped with a lifetime warranty. That’s only guaranteed if a professional completes the installation of the system. Each professional is specially trained to ensure that the best results are achieved through specific application techniques that help the truck bed liner adhere and shape to the contours of your truck bed more easily. The professional application ensures that there’s never any signs of significant aging in the application and helps to prevent cracking, bubbling and flaking of the liner right when it’s applied and throughout the years. The complete application also helps to seal potentially troublesome gaps that might result in rusting, leaks beneath the coating, or potential corrosion of the truck bed itself. As you progress throughout the different types of LINE-X options, the benefits of investing in a professional application become more and more noticeable. 

For example, the “300% tougher than the industry standard for spray-on liners” claim from the LINE-X Pro can only be achieved with superior and skilled application methods. The same impact and abrasion resistance that makes LINE-X so desirable can additionally be achieved only by a professional application. 

Why Professional Application Is Better

Professionals are trained to apply the truck bed liner in such a way that accounts for any potential differences in how the substance adheres to the bed. Because every truck bed is different, there might be initial issues with getting the liner to adhere totally when DIYing this project. Our professionals have the training and knowledge to toggle application thicknesses, tilt and adjust the spray, and tailor the bed liner application to your truck, rather than attempting to change the truck bed to accommodate the liner, as many will likely resort to when attempting this as a DIY project.

Invest in Professional Truck Bed Liner Installation With EPSCO

At EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings and LINE-X of Boise, we’re more than a little familiar with how to properly apply coatings that will protect the bodies and components of hard-working vehicles like your truck. Don’t put your baby in just anyone’s hands, and certainly don’t try your own hand at it. Your truck deserves the best. So ensure that it’s starting out with the right protection to help your truck stay looking good as new for decades to come. Schedule an initial consultation with our experienced team today to get started on the process now.