Rely on Our Powder Coating Services for Your Car Restoration!

You’re passionate about restoring your car. Whether it’s a recently inherited family heirloom or a classic diamond in the rough, any classic car restoration will come with a range of tasks to ensure a beautiful finish. Car fanatics of all types look for the best services available to help them restore their vehicle to their original glory, and will often rely on powder coating for a quality finish.

If you’re in search of powder coating services in Boise, EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here and ready to get to work! Our team specializes in powder coating and media blasting to make the most of car restoration projects. No matter your needs, our pros are available to help you every step of the way.

Keep reading to learn about the value of our powder coating services for your vehicle restoration, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to get started!

Perfect the Aesthetics

One key advantage of powder coating is the ability to create vibrant and dynamic color schemes to match any restoration project. Many customers come into our Boise shop expecting the same old services, but are surprised to see just how creative our powder coating services can be!

No matter the color or scheme of your classic vehicle, our team is here and ready to find the best design schemes to truly make the finish pop. We can go over available color options with you and help you decide on the best combination for your car. In the right hands, a powder coat finish can do much more to enhance the aesthetics of your ride. Vintage White? Done. Cherry Red? You betcha!

Create a Lasting Shine

Not only will your new powder coat finish enhance the beauty of your car restoration, but it will also help to create a shine that is here to stay. Factory paint is rated to last for the life of the vehicle, but long-term exposure to sun, wind, and other elements can begin to take their toll. The color of your paint can also impact its longevity, as certain hues in the industry are known to require more regular care.

Powder coating finishes have been rated to last up to 20 years. This is a major benefit for classic car owners, especially those interested in gaining the most value for the cost. If you’re planning on protecting your vehicle for the long haul, it’s beneficial to invest in the right level of protection from your trusted professionals!

Get the Most For Your Budget

One key consideration when restoring your classic car is the budget. This amount can vary from project to project, and it’s important to ensure your vehicle finish does not take precious funding away from other aspects of the restoration. Many drivers are surprised to learn that powder coating services are often cheaper than two-stage paint, which relies on the mixture of two chemicals for activation.

If you’re unsure about the cost of a powder coating system, feel free to contact us anytime for a free project quote. We’re excited to show you how advantageous our coatings are, and will provide a full scope of information to prove just how cost-effective powder coating can be.

Keep Rust Away

One of the biggest challenges of restoring an old car is keeping corrosion at bay. Many classic cars suffer from the inevitable bouts of rust, with time and further oxidation only making the problem worse. If you’re worried about your vehicle’s beautiful finish rusting away, powder coating may provide the perfect solution.

Are you currently looking for a solution to your rust woes? EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings specializes in media blasting services to provide a clean, clear surface ready for coatings. Our media blasting process will ensure your surfaces are perfectly prepped and ready to deliver long-term value.

Rely on Quality Protection

You want the very best for your classic car, and we understand. Fortunately, our powder coating services are rated to be much more protective than standard paint. The EPSCO team will be able to create a high-quality finish that keeps the weather, temperatures, and normal wear-and-tear away.

Our preparation process and professional powder coatings ensure that your vehicle is optimally equipped for the road ahead. You can elect to protect a majority of your vehicle in this finish, keeping the dangers of the road away from your hard work.

Protect Vital Components

When it comes to the beauty and prestige of your restoration, you’ll likely spend a lot of time fixing up the original components for future use. Many collectors depend on original parts for the most value and best aesthetics, which is where powder coating can come in handy!

Our powder coating services can be relied on for a variety of car parts, ranging from the oil pan and alternator to the suspension, mounting brackets, grille, wheels, and more. Products such as springs can be powder coated, as this material is flexible enough to perform in almost any condition. Dry powder particles are electrostatically bonded for a versatile finish that conforms to each and every curve. Nearly every element of your restoration project has the potential for powder coating, which can provide a beautiful finish without the steep price tag.

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EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to provide professional powder coating services to our happy Boise customers. For years, our shop has worked to create the most durable, economical, versatile, and eco-friendly outcomes for all of our customers. From industrial coatings designed to keep equipment safe to classic car restorations, we have the powder coating services and expertise needed for a quality finish.

Ready to get started on your project? Contact us online for additional information, or stop by our powder coating shop on West 37th Street for complete assistance!

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