Discussing Car Wear and Tear and the Need for Powder Coating Services, Part 2

Throughout the course of a normal year, your vehicle is subjected to a wide range of weather patterns, chemicals, and more. We can all chalk up the results of this as “wear and tear,” but bear in mind that protective coatings are available to keep the weather and corrosion out. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings specializes in top-notch powder coating services in Boise, delivering ideal results for local drivers.

Today, we’ll continue to highlight a few components of your vehicle that are the most likely to sustain damage, as well as the value of investing in powder coating for optimal protection. Keep reading to conclude this series, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to schedule your powder coating services!

Vehicle Rims

You rack up a lot of miles on your vehicle every year, and despite your best efforts, impacts and abrasions will inevitably take their toll on the finish. When it comes to your steel rims, minimal care is needed to oust any surface rust. However, any corrosion beyond the surface can result in unsightly appearances. If you’re one of those drivers who takes pride in the appearance of their vehicle, wheel rust may prove to be a serious pain!

Instead of fretting over the condition of your truck’s rims, you can invest in a powder coating system for complete peace of mind. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings offers powder coating services in a range of colors to provide a vibrant finish for your vehicle. Our protective coatings will look good and improve the longevity of your steel rims.

Springs and Swaybars

Weather and corrosion can impact the longevity of your vehicle’s springs. Coil springs serve an integral role in your suspension system, supporting the vehicle’s entire weight while distributing it for a safe, smooth ride. Powder coating can be applied to springs such as these for ideal protection, improving performance and product life expectancy.

Stabilizer bars are an essential part of your suspension system, providing ideal support in the event of a sharp turn. Sway bars improve handling and safety, and are often left exposed along the bottom of the vehicle. Some drivers notice that their sway bars are beginning to rust where they are connected to the frame, creating a safety concern that will only worsen with time.

Exhaust Systems

Your exhaust system is likely engineered to defend from corrosion, but with the unique combination of elements involved in combustion, it’s only a matter of time before rust arrives. Continuous exposure to sand, water, road salts, and other debris can quickly disrupt your exhaust system, eventually leading to issues with vehicle efficiency and economy. It pays to invest in a protective coating to keep your vehicle safe from a variety of problems associated with rust, including exhaust breakdown.

EPSCO can restore the shine to a variety of surfaces. We are experienced in helping customers restore classic cars, and can work with you to create a plan to optimally care for your pride and joy. 

Axle Housing

For those interested in complete protection, powder coating can be applied to essential framework on your vehicle, including the axle housing. Precision and professionalism are essential for powder coating axle components, which is why many drivers turn to the EPSCO team. Our protective coatings deliver ideal protection thanks to our quality prep work and precise installation. This service may prove ideal for high-value vehicles and restoration projects, removing any rust present and delivering an ideal layer of protection from future corrosion.

Remove Rust With Media Blasting!

If you’re interested in protecting your car parts, but are worried about the current level of rust, be sure to visit EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings for professional media blasting services! Our team can remove rust, paint, grime, and more relying on our restoration services. Relying on crushed glass, garnet, steel grit, and other abrasives, media blasting is a surefire way to scour surfaces clean. Once finished, your vehicle’s components are ready for powder coating!

Ready for Powder Coating Services?

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to provide the best powder coatings to Boise drivers, delivering top-notch results in the most effective and affordable manner possible. If you’re ready to invest in long-lasting protection, feel free to contact us online for complete assistance. We look forward to protecting your vehicle!

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