The Top 5 Benefits of Our Media Blasting Services

The beauty and value of your vehicle depends largely on its condition. In order to achieve a long-lasting result, many drivers turn to abrasive media blasting. This process relies on a variety of blasting media such as crushed glass, steel grit, glass beads, garnet, aluminium oxide, and more to scour surfaces clean.

Previously referred to as sandblasting, this process can provide serious beauty when the proper materials are used. EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings specializes in media blasting in Boise, scouring your metal surfaces clean to provide a clean, clear surface ready for protective coatings. We specialize in industrial coatings and car protection in Boise, relying on our decades of experience to get the job done right the first time.

If you are restoring an old car, media blasting in combination with a non-stick coating may prove to be an ideal solution for preserving years of beauty. Keep reading for our top five benefits of media blasting, and be sure to reach out to our industrial coating pros for your quote!

1 – Quality Rust Removal

Corrosion can put the brakes on any quality restoration. Over time, exposed metal surfaces begin to oxidize and rust, worsening as the metal itself ages. There is no easy way to stop this natural process, which is why many professionals and enthusiasts turn to media blasting. This service creates a smooth, clear surface, void of reactive corrosion.

EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings is here to restore your metal surfaces with professional media blasting. Our team will perform this restorative process under exacting conditions, eliminating temperature and humidity concerns to create an ideal finish ready for protective coatings.

2 – Professional Prep

The goal of most media blasting services is to prepare the metal surface for future treatments. Powder coating and painting are both commonplace additions, but the quality of these coatings will depend largely on the surface beneath. Our media blasting provides a fast, cost-effective prep process for a range of future projects. Professional preparations help to maximize your confidence moving forward with any project, so be sure to eliminate your guesswork and concerns with the EPSCO team. Our experienced technicians will know the right size and type of grit to use, as well as the time, angle, pressure, and distance to provide a clean finish without harming the surface.

3 – Safe Results

The process of scouring corroded surfaces clean can sound intensive, but the reality is that abrasive media blasting is a safe choice for nearly any project. Our protective coating pros rely on natural materials as the blasting media, eliminating environmental concerns. We know just what media to use for each material to create an ideal finish. You can expect a complete finish in mere hours without harsh chemicals!

4 – Quality Finishes

Create a perfectly prepared surface for future treatments and let your surfaces shine. Media blasting has proven to be a top choice in restoration services, eliminating rust and other contaminants to restore your material’s shine. A quality finish helps to promote better results later on, including protective coatings. Our team can create a clean surface primed for painting or powder coating.

5 – Long-Lasting Quality

One media blast service may help to enhance the longevity of your material in addition to the beauty. In combination with services such as vehicle rustproofing, this approach delivers long-lasting protection and peace of mind. You know that your industrial coating is strong, and now you can rest assured that the surface it is bonded to is equally prepared for the challenge.

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When it comes to media blasting, the quality behind your professionals will make all the difference in how your product performs in the future. Quality services result in quality outcomes, and EPSCO Powder and Industrial Coatings in Boise is here to help! Our powder coating shop on 37th Street provides beautiful results that are built to last. We know how to get the job done right, and will be happy to address your customer needs in order to achieve the best outcome.

Ready to see how we do it? Check out our EPSCO gallery for inspiration from our powder coating services, and be sure to contact us to receive your project quote. We look forward to working with you!

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